Our Brand's Stories


Bibico is a brand that empowers women to move themselves and their families out of poverty and uses natural materials to minimise distress on the environment. Whether it is the wool that goes into making their knitwear so warm, or the cotton that makes their light summer dresses so fresh, they believe natural is best! 


Egos live up to the ten Fair Trade standards, they are manufactured in Nepal and are 100% handmade, creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers. The raw wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colours. ‘Made with Soul’, Egos respect both the environment and people and their simple and comfortable design shape perfectly to your feet.


‘The Original Ethical Brand since ‘88’, Komodo produce their garments in factories in Kathmandu, Bali and India where they adhere to their factory code of conduct, these include; Employment Ethics, Workplace Conditions, Environmental Policy. They are SA8000 & GOTS certified and use hemp, bamboo, Tencel and other natural materials to create contemporary and comfortable garments and accessories.


MUD Jeans gratify the principles of circular economy through creating a world without waste. At MUD Jeans, they have a holistic approach to caring. They care about the environment, the people and also the animals on this planet, that’s why their jeans consist of recycled & organic cotton and they use printed labels instead of leather patches. Their supply chain is short and everyone along it are treated and paid fairly. As a result, no animals, plants or people are harmed during the production of MUD jeans!  The perfect vegan jeans!


By designing long-lasting eyewear, PALA create tangible change. They walk the talk of a sustainable fashion future, putting people and the planet before profits. For every pair of sunglasses sold, they give back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes. To date, thousands of sight-impaired people have had their lives changed and their ability to earn an income enhanced thanks to receiving a pair of prescription glasses.  Their styles are stunning and always popular!

People Tree:

People Tree are certified producers, a licensee for the Fairtrade Foundation and pioneers in sustainable fashion. The values of People Tree are people and the planet, which is why every product is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. Contemporary, versatile designs and playful, exclusive prints inspired by the V&A archives create stylish, innovative and affordable fashion while respecting people and the planet. Collections featuring organic cotton, TENCEL™ Lyocell and responsible wool, are made using traditional artisan skills such as hand weavinghand knittinghand embroidery and hand block printing.

Swedish Stockings:

Swedish Stockings produce hosiery from recycled and sustainable materials, from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste, which is powered by the sun and renewables. The water used in the dyeing process is purified after use and their factories are zero-waste.  From this highly efficient recycling procedure they have reduced energy and water consumption, whilst creating a wide range of beautiful and comfortable sustainable hosiery!


Unoa specialise in sourcing sustainable organic cotton from the owner’s origin, Pakistan. Cotton is the prime crop of Pakistan and it is the 4th largest cotton producer in the world. The textile industry in Pakistan employs 38% of the manufacturing labour force and Unoa are determined to support and innovate a more socially and environmentally responsible industry in the country; the mainstay of Pakistan's economy and a major global contributor. They take immense care to ensure their supply chain is transparent and the workers behind the garments are treated with respect and dignity.  Their 2020 collection is GOTS certified.