Here at FAIR each brand we sell has been lovingly chosen by us because of its unique beauty and equally unique and beautiful story. Each product has been made in such a way that its journey is ethical and sustainable from start, to finish. We take immense pride in supporting artisan work, be that selling bracelets handmade by local businesses in Brighton out of recycled plastic from the ocean, or beautifully crafted jewellery made from recycled magazines all the way in Swaziland.

Since it’s opening in 2008, as a boutique, we have created and abided by the ‘FAIR Standard’. These standards ensure producers were paid a FAIR price to produce each garment, produced FAIRLY whether it is using organic fibres from renewable sources, produced using recycled textiles and low impact dyes to be FAIR on the environment and lastly, minimised postproduction miles and FAIR use packaging.

As an advocator within the slow fashion movement, we believe that each product available to purchase for consumers must be durable, timeless and understated. In this way, consumption is minimised, and quality is chosen over quantity – the way it should be! Every item produced within our store has taken time, effort, skill and love, and we believe that such craftsmanship should be applauded and awarded.

It’s not enough to wish for a better world, and not become a part of the changes needed to make one. You do not need to create an entirely different life to create an entirely different world, but simple, small changes like consuming Fair Trade and / or sustainably sourced goods really do have an impact and create positive change that often goes unheard of.

A Case Study:

Bombolulu are a Fair Trade organisation who offer jewellery courses to disabled people in Mombasa, Kenya enabling them to then go on to become employed and skilled jewellery makers. Using recycled metals, they create stunning jewellery and in turn are offered the chance to make a life for themselves and their families. Being disabled is more challenging in Kenya and, unfortunately many disabled individuals can end up begging with little or no economic lifeline. Therefore such an opportunity really is life changing. By choosing to purchase products from organisations such as this, you are giving these people a reason to work and helping to create a FAIRER and more just world.

8th March 2020