Solid Colours Are Powerful

Solid Colours Are Powerful

Summer months of Brighton bring you an excellent choice of bold colour outfits in breathable fabrics which enhance your complexion and overall look.

By Uttara J Malhotra

Music has the same sensorial effect on our senses as colours has on our mood. The kind of bold colours that we hone on ourselves, through garments, can actually alter our mood and even the way we look. Take green for example. The various shades of green- basil, khaki, crocodile, olive, fern, electric, sea, to name a few, give us a bright feeling. Green when worn in the summer months, gives the feeling of being invited into new life, resurrection, birth and happiness.

It is considered a calming colour by many, and a colour of envy as well. But it is an ideal choice of a colour to zest and cheerfulness to our mood. This is a must-have colour in your wardrobe this summer. There are other colours too, (apart from black) that can be utilised to actually accentuate body parts and play down something which you might not want to flaunt around. 

Beige and its tones: This colour does wonders to women of light skin tones but can be a preferred choice for women with dusky complexions. A perfect English word for a French colour, beige is also worn as one tone more than white, in cream. The colour best enhances patterned shirts or tops, when matched with bottoms. In the summer months, it has a hugely cooling effect, and can be teamed up with any coordinating colour on tops.

Yellow: The high energy colour, shades of yellow epitomises sunniness, brightness and against popular belief, does not make you ever look pale. In fact, this is one colour which is body shape and complexion neutral and works well worn as a top or bottom. Team it with black as a black printed top and yellow flowy skirt, culottes or trousers. Better still, wear a full dress in black if you fancy the boldness in black and team it with a shacket or shrug to fire up the summer look.  

Blue: As deep blue water might feel cooling, the colour itself is a cooling colour and that speaks volumes about why you could add some deep blue colours to your wardrobe. Despite the desire to soak up the sun on Brighton beaches, open cafes and eateries, this is a colour which is desirable to look leaners. Tops in deep blue or dresses worn in breathable comforting fabrics for the summer months, are a great way to stay cool yet maintaining the style quotient.

Popular choices today in organic material is linen, flax and Tencel. Feel free to browse through our ethically sourced garments in these fabrics.

It is another discussion on how to take care of your organic clothing, for longevity. Keep a look out for our space for more beans of thoughts….

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