Unlock the Secrets of Scarves Now

Unlock the Secrets of Scarves Now

The simplest but classiest style statement to carry, a scarf is an accessory you can have in your wardrobe throughout the year 

By Uttara J Malhotra

There is so much you can do with a scarf in your wardrobe. Whether they are silk, cotton or recycled fabrics, the sheer sense of comfort and chicness remains intact in a scarf.

We relate to the need for anyone to feel loved and cared for, in a scarf that drapes well on you, feels good on the skin and honest to the heart. Therefore, there is a wide range and variety of scarves to discover in our shop.

From our trusted UNHRC partner Made51’s collection, you can pick traditional African printed ones (carefully hand-dyed and extremely durable and easy to wash), many hand-woven ones, hand embroidered, or from our Jeevika collection that offer the great upcycled and repurposed opportunity to use sari sarongs that team up as scarves as well.

There are innumerable ways to hone scarves. But we would like to list out a few tried and test ones that our slow fashion-conscious customers could take inspiration from.

Gentle Covering: Feel the nip in the air, but don’t want to heavy layer yourself? Pick a light wool or our rayon blend one and create a layering for yourself. You could wear it around the neck, or simply drape it around and block the chill in the air. Easy to carry, lightweight, they are becoming a necessity as we experience climate change effect the weather in Brighton too.

Break Colour Monotony: If you wish to add more colour to a single colour tone in your outfit, choose a textured scarf. The colour scheme will depend entirely on what appeals to you personally. These not only break the monotony but can also add a certain styling to an evening wear or a casual outing.

Leftover or discarded? Good organically made scarves last a lifetime. Even if yours is lived its original purpose, you can cut them into ribbon sizes and use them for various purposes around the house. Stitch up two equal halves and use them to tie curtains for example. Use them as tie-on(s) for bundles or paper, cloth bag strings, knotted for ruffled coasters, and the best are the hair bands.

Here is our favorite video of how to change your look with the same scarf: https://youtu.be/xF1ERm_Ngs4


If you have any tips to share on scarf styling, anything you would like to us to write about, drop into our store and we love talking. Else, do drop us a line and we love writing back as much 😊


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