Creative Ways to Live Plastic Free

Creative Ways to Live Plastic Free

Some simple lifestyle alterations can go a long way in helping us reduce plastic in our homes and make an active contribution to a greener planet. 



Wouldn’t you like to believe that just by making conscious lifestyle decisions, we can contribute significantly towards caring for the Earth? We genuinely feel that this starts with eliminating single use plastic from our daily lives and finding creative alternatives to them. 

This July, we celebrate the spirit of reducing plastic in our daily lives, and finding ways that we can make an active contribution by buying less and reusing more, recycling and repurposing the plastics we already have. Here is a list of somethings we feel can genuinely help you reduce the consumption of plastic in daily life: 

Glass bottles: Have you ever wondered what to do with the glass bottles lying around the house? Glass bottles are excellent items to reuse and repurpose. Wine bottles make for great flower vases and screw top bottles are best put to use for drinking water. Whilst cheap and durable, plastic bottles start to dissipate harmful allergens into the liquids they store, adding health risks on consumption. Glass bottles are an excellent alternative. You can also repurpose them as plant decorations. Some of the loveliest plants that can grow in glass bottles and jars include, English ivy (Hedera helix), Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), Dumb cane plants (Dieffenbachia) Wandering Jew (Tradescantia) and Flowering Begonias.

Here is our little contribution of reusing glass bottles in other ways too….

Fabric Bags: We all are aware of the danger animals now face due to the influx of plastic bags on earth’s surface. A bitter truth is that they are hard to recycle. Finding ways to reduce their usage is one way to commit ourselves to ensuring that less makes way to garbage bins, earth and sea surfaces. However, we all need bags to carry our stuff around and that is why, cloth bags are becoming a necessity for many. Eliminating single use plastics, a lot of women are going for plastic finished bags and repurposed cloth bags. Plastic foldables are easy to store away; so are cloth bags which makes them extremely handy to use. 

Designed mindfully with embroideries and textured repurposed fabrics, most of our creations are made keeping in mind the longevity of the product and reducing consumption of one-time plastic usage. In some cases, we have also made use of grain sacks (originally used to distribute food aid) to create some of the most exquisite homeware products designed by Burundian refugees living in Tanzania supported by our UN partner organisation, MADE51. 

Cosmetic Refills: It is rare to think of what will happen to the lipstick, a mascara or handwash that we purchased after it’s used. Landfills overflow with a mixture of metal and lots of plastic. But it is important to think about the damage that it does to the environment. The novel concept of refills provides great reuse, repurpose and reduction in plastic rubbish of the world around us. For this, choose brands which are now consciously making products which can be refill in their bottles and reduce the addition of plastics of the world. One is our neighbourhood perfumery that makes use of glass bottles instead, and offers the options of refills to customers, eliminating the existence of plastic bottles in their selling proposition altogether. 

Indeed, when you buy from shops that champion the cause of sustainability, you make a positive contribution to your household, deepen a commitment to save the Earth, and also add to the livelihood of all the artisans that believe in the goodness that comes from organic materials, repurposed or ethically used. 

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