Every time you make any purchase you influence the type of world you want. At FAIR, we buy fashion that is not only stunning in its design but is careful about its impact on the planet and empowers people to create decent livelihoods within their own communities. Be the change you want to see!


Each month we wish to share easy ways to improve our World. We publish these in our blog section once a month so keep your eyes peeled! Two projects we love to begin with are: www.ecosia.org.uk the search engine that plants trees in Africa as you search the internet and www.thefairphone.com the first ethical smartphone.


At FAIR we sell cotton certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, garments made by artisans certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation as well as our favourite sustainable brands. We select fashion that respects the environment and the maker as much as the wearer, making it feel all the better to wear our clothes!

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S/S 2016 is here!

Spring collections have started to arrive! We will be adding more wonderful ethical items to our web shop over the next few weeks!