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With the election just passed…’Who should have the power?’

With the election just passed, we have been regularly asked ‘who should have the power?’ When it comes to creating an ethical world, here at FAIR we believe you have the power. Every five years we elect a new government, but the real change of the World will come from you. As consumers we hold just as much, if not more power, the power for positive change. Fairtrade food has become a household name, but what about the other things we do daily? Each day we get dressed, we should think of where our clothes come from, where or energy comes from, think of where most things we use and consume come from. We know it’s easier not to ask questions, but if you don’t, who will? A small change to your daily life can make a monumental positive affect.

Here is a video showing why we need to think more about where our cotton comes from.


We can make a change in so many ways, from shopping Fair Trade, or if your purse is a little tighter, shopping vintage or even attending swish nights such as Rags Revival here in Brighton.


If we change our habits when it comes to shopping, we can still treat ourselves, but with the added benefit of knowing we are helping the World.

Be the change you want to see. Feel the power you have, for just being you.


World Fair Trade Day 9/5/2015: Be an Agent for Change

BE an agent for CHANGE: buimgresy FAIR TRADE

World Fair Trade Day: the inclusive worldwide festival celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty, exploitation, climate change and the economic crisis

With World Fair Trade Day on the 9th of May, we wanted to share with you some great things Fair Trade has brought about.

People Tree is just one of the brands we stock that is certified Fair Trade. With Fair Trade pay and working conditions, People Tree has been supporting Kumbeshwar Technical School helping 260 children go to school as well as running a health scheme for all workers.


Bombolulu supplies the beautiful Fair Trade jewellery we supply in store. They are also responsible for the wheelchair campaign, using the profits made through the sale of their jewellery, they aim to supply every disabled child in Kenya with a wheelchair.


By buying organic cotton products, you are supporting the families of cotton farmers around the globe. The usual pay for the cotton fibre has decreased dramatically, without the price of production following the same trend. This is leaving cotton farmers in a state of desperation, even to the extent of taking their own lives as too many already have. By buying Organic Fair Trade cotton products, you are ensuring that this doesn’t happen, that farmers are paid the correct amount to provide for their family without being forced to use environmentally harmful pesticides to increase their yield.


So please we encourage you to celebrate all that is Fair Trade, especially on 9th of May!