Suchana is not a producer of ours but a project near Kolkata we believe in and want to support. Find out more about them below:

Outside the ever expanding community of Santiniketan is Suchana; a community organisation working since 2004 at the grassroots on rural poverty, focusing on education and health with the most excluded people: adivasi indigenous people and scheduled castes.

Suchana believes that equality and social justice are key to a vision which can tackle the roots of poverty. They work with the least privileged to articulate and actualise rights: to quality education, to affordable healthcare, and to livelihoods which support and sustain our cultural identities and our humanity.

Suchana understands that priorities for development must evolve from within the community. They prioritise not simply literacy but education which helps build awareness and initiative to tackle local and global issues. Parents, teachers and other community members are closely involved in running the organisation and developing its future.

Our Producers

Suchana's New School Well
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