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Based in Arusha, Tanzania, Shika runs educational sponsorship programmes providing access to schooling, vocational training and trade for some of Tanzania’s most marginalized communities. Shika products are created through dialogue with local artisans and seamstresses who are paid a living wage enabling them to pay for necessities such as food, basic healthcare and education for themselves and their families. In addition, their communities benefit from Shika sponsorship programmes which are funded through the sale of their beautiful dresses, flip flops & jewellery.

They are unique, of high quality, hand made, and best of all they provide a lifeline to those who produce them: guilt free shopping at its best.
Shika also work with other NGOs in Tanzania including:

  • ADEA - promoting the work of African Artists.
  • Bahati - assisting women who have been or are still imprisoned unfairly
  • Mkombozi - supporting people with mental disabilities.
  • Sasik and Shangalia - Income generation schemes for single women responsible for bringing up their families alone.
  • Pastoralist Groups - Developing a sustainable jewellery business.

Our Producers

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