It’s always a treat to go into the Sasha showrooms in the heart of the city of Kolkata.

Sasha is a fair trade organisation that acts as an outlet for over one hundred groups of craftspeople from all over India. As well as exporting crafts to other non-profit organisations, their boutique in Kolkata allows producers to showcase their wares.

Sasha is a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum in India.  By establishing alternative trade practices, such as encouraging producers to be involved in all aspects of their own marketing, Sasha gives small producer groups the opportunity to become independent and self-sufficient.

Their respect for the environment shines through in their support of sustainable production techniques as well as their appreciation of contemporary design.  Leather bags, hand cast brass fixtures and handwoven silk scarves are just some of the luxuries that can be found in this treasure trove.  Sasha leads the way in assisting artisans to use their talents by applying them to functional and well designed goods.

Our Producers

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