Jeevika means “livelihood” in Sanskrit. Founded in 1994, the Jeevika Development Society is a non-profit organisation working in West Bengal empowering marginalised rural women and raising their social, as well as financial, status.

We have grown very attached to the women of Jeevika over the past eight years. It was their detailed and intricate embroidered cards that highlighted the incredible level of skill found in the traditional craft of West Bengal. We are thrilled to be working on our second collaboration between local designers here in the UK and the women of Jeevika, making dresses embellished with embroidery and using exquisite tailoring skills that they have learnt through the development project over recent years.  These women from villages around Kolkata previously had little to no opportunities. They are now highly esteemed in their communities and earning a decent wage that allows them to stay in their villages instead of migrating to the city for work.