Alcha is a shop and café in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Alcha employs 20 crafts people from around the town who excel in khesh(weaving with old saris), bronze and iron work, kantha, tie-dye, batik and . Owner Keya Sarkar goes beyond her shop and up until recently was very involved in advising institutions on micro-credit (the extension of small loans to individuals too poor to apply to traditional lending institutions so that they can set up their own means of employment and generating income) as well as assisting crafts people to sell their wares locally and improve their production techniques. We love her work and are happy to see how popular the shop has become. Keya loves to use every bit of her materials coming up with imaginative ways to use scraps of fabric. Her goods are well designed and functional and her methods are exemplary to sustainable design.

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