BomboluluFAIR was started in 2008 by four local fair trade importers who joined forces to achieve their goals of working with individuals in the developing world whose aims were to escape poverty and attain a decent standard of living.

The producer partners FAIR works with are faced with the daily struggle of living in poverty. Unlike the UK, the countries we work with have no welfare system to support free education, health and housing for the poor. Consequently millions of people cannot afford the basic essentials that we so often take for granted. Instead, many end up on the streets, living in slums, or, if they can get a job, working in conditions beyond our imagination. On top of this, medical treatment and schooling usually must be paid for!

The four founders of FAIR have been working very hard (often day and night) with local organisations in Asia, Africa and South America whose efforts work to address these issues.

We seek to build on their foundations by creating further opportunities for these organisations to expand their work leading to a decent wage, good working conditions and support for education and health for the people and families involved.

Please find the stories about the groups we think are doing great work and who we have built close relationships with over the past 10 years.

Calcutta Rescue
Artisan Hut