Rana Plaza 5 Years On

Join us on April 24th to take part in this year’s Fashion Revolution event as we remember the 1,132 victims that lost their lives in the Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013 making clothes for some of the largest brands on our high street.  We will be open from 10-8pm for a special “Meet The Maker” day with special guests including writers, bloggers and brands on hand from 1-2pm and 5-8pm with refreshments and nibbles to enjoy.  We will be combining video, informal talks and stories about the people that make and create our products sharing how business can work with people and the environment at heart.

Make sure you come along as we will be offering AMAZING discounts on all our clothes and the launch of a competition to win a free pair of the popular and extremely innovative MUD Jeans.

The Brighton Beach Collective

Free Event

FAIR, 21 Queen’s Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3XA
The Brighton Beach Collective

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