LFW Takes on Sustainability


London Fashion week is often considered the epitome of showcasing the latest trends for each season. This year whilst collaborating with WRAP, Love Your Clothes and Esthetica, much like our very own Brighton Fashion Week, a handful of sustainable designers have been taking the catwalks by storm.

Christopher Raeburn was amongst the eight designers to incorporate eco- friendly qualities into their practice. Being a well renowned designer it was refreshing to see how he used upcycled and locally sourced materials as well as vegetable dyes to marry the idea of sustainability and contemporary style together. One of the most interesting aspects of this collection is how reused military materials, such as strips of old air break parachute fabric have been contrasted with delicate vegetable dyed patterns to highlight and compliment the female form. Here at The Fair Shop we are excited to see how having pioneers like this presented in such a prestigious event will change the course of fashion and hopefully steer future designers towards adopting similar practices into their own work.

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