Fair Trade Beyond 2015

Fair Trade Beyond 2013

by Lucy, FAIR team member and ethical blogger

This May the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) will be holding its 12th Biennial  Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Timed to coincide with Global Fair Trade Week which takes place from 26th to 31st May 2013, Rio will carry the enviable title of Global Fair Trade Capital for the duration of the conference.

The theme of the event – Fair Trade Beyond 2015 – recognises that the deadline for the UN’s 2015 Millennium Development Goals, agreed upon by 189 nations in 2000, is fast approaching and a new vision is now needed.

The original aim of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals was to tackle extreme poverty and combat many forms of deprivation experienced across the world, with significant progress made towards this.

Want to be part of the discussion before the UN General Assembly meet in September to talk about this? Visit www.myworld2015.org today and complete the United Nations Global Survey for a Better World.




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