Why 12 years to change?

“We have 12 years according to climate scientists to act on climate change and global warming before the world, as we know it is lost” (8/10/2018, Will Gore, The Independent).

What can we do to reverse climate change?

It can seem a little daunting, however there is no need to be a hero to save the planet and we can all do in our everyday lives that will collectively have a big impact. To help you on your sustainable living journey, we want to share with you some easy businesses and services that put people and planet first, for a greener and fairer planet.


We are big advocates of buying sustainably sourced, seasonal, locally grown and package free food as much as possible. Organic food is not only great for the planet it’s also great for your health – reducing the impacts of pesticides, GMO’s and chemicals on our eco systems and our bodies.

Fair Trade supports better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. 

Locally sourced means you’re reducing the distance from farm to table, you get predominently seasonal veg which is cheaper for you and better for the environment and you’re supporting local farmers.

Package and plastic free shopping from bulk stores and markets is the best way to reduce single use packaging waste, and you can use re-fillable produce bags or paper bags if you have to.  It also means you can get the exact quantity you want.

Another way you can reduce food waste is using and supporting schemes like the Real Junk Food project and Fair Share Sussex who tackle food waste by putting surplus to good use.

We also reccomend making the most of the Refill campaign – which allows you to refill your water bottle for free at any of the locations that have signed up. Just look out for a sticker 

Some of the local food shops and organisations we’d recommend are:

HarrietsOfHove/ InfinityFoodsRetail/BhFood, FareShareSussex/WasteNotShop/Hisbe/Refill Campaign


The textile industry is the 2nd most polluting in the world. But in order to change the situation we have to ungergo a collective mindset shift towards clothing and the way we shop. In the words of Vivienne Westwood “buy less, choose well and make it last” .

Fast fashion is built on unsustainable practises which have a huge impact on the environment and people across the globe. It uses up many and causes far more than it’s fair share on pollution.  It also encourages us to buy more clothing than we need, at prices which aren’t fair or sustainable.

This is why it’s important for us to slow down and value our clothing more, prioritising second hand and clothing made in a sustainable way.

When buying new look out for durable clothing made from sustainable materials, in as zero waste way as possible, under fair conditions.

We also encourage you all to elongate the life of your clothing, taking it to local repair shops and repair cafes or mending things yourself. 

Here are some local sustainable fashion shops and businesses we’d reccomend:

TheFairShop, PrelovedofBrighton, BrightonRepairCafe, LoveThatStuff, Smarter-Uniforms, Vintage and Secondhand shops, The Revival Collective, Lucy&Yak, Flock, The Zipyard, Ayten Gasson, Fold. You can also find more local sustainable fashions shops on Revival Collective’s Ethical Fashion Map of Brighton


Energy definitely plays a big role when it comes to global warming and it’s important to opt for energy from renewable resources over fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas wherever you can. Because of the immense time spans to create coal, oil and natural gas, they are classed as non-renewable sources of energy.

They also emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide when they are burnt as fuel, a greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming. 

From wind turbines to solar panels, there are many businesses out there that are championing cleaner, greener and renewable sources of power and energy that don’t come at the cost of our planet and have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

Check out these alternatives for greener energy for your home and business:

Ecotricity, GoodEnergy, BHESCO, Octopus Energy, Bio Bean Coffee Logs from Moksha Caffe 


It might not always be possible but whenever you can use public transportation, bike, or share a car. There are plenty of second hand bikes out there in very good condition and at a low price.

CharityBikeShopDitchling, BtnBikeShare, Carshares, Public Transport


 You can take action by keeping your electronic devices as long as they last and repair then whenever it is possible.

Did you know that your internet researches could support good actions? Change your search engine for one that plants trees or support local projects.

Fairphone, ThePhoneCoop, Ecotalk, Ecosia, TechTakeBack, RepairCafe



Not only is it nice to treat our loved ones but also share some values that are meaningful for you, for them and for the planet.

HeartsAndFlowersBrighton, Uoecospa, TheFairShop, FlockBrighton



Before looking for new goods, why not check that there aren’t any out there that could be reused?

And also don’t throw things away into landfill, look for ways you can re-use or recycle them.

Smarter-Uniforms, Freegle, The Green Centre, 



 Choose a bank or an insurance company that invests your money in green projects that does good to the environment and that supports local entrepreneurs.

Triodos, Naturesave, Positive Money, Move Your Money



Check these lovely places that use local and ethically sourced ingredients.

 SiloBrighton, EarthAndStarsBrighton, Moshimo, LongHouseCafe


If you have some free time and would love to get involved in meaningful projects and meet people who share the same values join of of these amazing communities.

TrashTalk, Pier2PierBeachClean, RealJunkfoodProject, EcoBricksBrighton, Refill Campaign


 Household cleaning products are often very harmful not only to the environment but also to your own health due to the amount of chemicals they contain! If you followed the 10 previous tips you don’t want to ruin your efforts by bringing lots of chemicals into your house.

It is getting trendy to buy second hand furniture. Not only does it allow you to find that rare antic drawer that will ad a great touch of style to your interior but it has probably also already gotten rid of its chemical particles from the wood treatment, the polish, etc.

 Emmaus, Shabitat, HarrietsOfHove, WasteNotShop, Hisbe, Georganics, Organic Gardens


 The products used by the hairdressers can be really aggressive to your skin, your scalp and the environment.

Here is a list of hairdressers who use natural products to take care of you and the planet.