FAIR Pride 2019

This weekend is Brighton Pride – which is not only a celebration of inclusive love for the LGBTQI+ communities in Brighton and beyond, it’s  a commemoration of people who have been lost, past events that have occurred that should never be forgotten and a protest to make it known that there is still a long way to go to achieve a fairer future. 

We’re going to be overlooking the PRIDE Parade! 

Join us in store for a PRIDE protest party 10am-6pm with eco glitter, competitions, music and watch the parade with us! You can find out more on our Facebook event here.

The Fair Shop : Fair fashion for a fairer future

Fair fashion for a fairer future

Fashion has historically been a form of protest and a way we can all get creative and express our identity no matter where we are on the LGBTQI+ spectrum. From t-shirts with political slogans and the mini skirt to sustainable fashion that empower people around the world fashion will always be a powerful force for change. 

‘We have not achieved equality until every LGBTQI+ person, of every colour and background, is able to enjoy equality within our community and outside of it.’  – Stonewall

It is important to remember that whilst pride is a celebration we are still fighting for LGBTQI+ rights around the world.

The fashion industry as it stands is not only an environmental issue that affects all of us, it’s also an ethical issue that affects many LGBTQI+ people throughout,  from the cotton growers and garment workers to retail workers.  

Dress to protest this Pride 

At FAIR, supporting ethical, local and sustainable brands is our thing, as is loving and supporting ALL people, and the wonderful workers behind the products we sell. We want to ensure that people and the planet get the respect they deserve.

Climate change and pollution are increasing inequalities worldwide, including the impacts of fast fashion. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to “leave no one behind”, a principle that is especially relevant for achieving gender equity and empowering LGBTQI+ people. All of the clothing and accessories we sell go hand in hand with the SDG goals, aiming to reduce poverty, inequalities and take action to help stop discrimination worldwide. 

The most sustainable #PRIDE protest outfit is, of course, one you already own, but if you did want to buy something new – why not opt for pieces from sustainable brands trying to change the world? We would never sell just another ‘pinkwashing’ pride t-shirt, but we have compiled a list of amazing brands who are working towards a sustainable future for all, one that supports people and communities around the world.

Here are our top picks for Brighton Pride:

KOMODO – Rainbow Socks

Komodo has made a great pair of rainbow socks to help you celebrate your LGBTQI+ pride, sustainably. The socks come in black or white and are made from organic cotton. 10% from each sock goes towards ‘Clean Up Nepal’ supporting this beautiful country after the devastating earthquake.

£7 – available in store or online here 

JEEVIKA – Reversible Crop Tops

We have a wide selection of reversible crop tops by Jeevika in all the colours of the rainbow. They’re all unique and handmade from recycled sari’s  talented women from rural communities recycled sari’s by talented women in India 

£26 – available in store

QUAZI – Rainbow Earrings

These gorgeous statement rainbow earrings come in a multitude of colours and are made ethically in Swaziland from paper wood – a material made from recycled waste magazines. 

£14 – available in store or online 
WILD BEACH STUDIO – Micro Plastic Bracelets

Handmade in Brighton using micro-plastics collected from beaches around the world, these bracelets come in a multitude of colours for all your rainbow needs.

From £12.50 – available in store

And remember folks, we don’t want a repeat of previous years! Please use litter bins provided, or take your litter home with you! Ocean’s 8 and Pier 2 Pier are hosting a special Pride beach clean on Sunday – although registration has closed you can still get involved by making sure you don’t leave any litter lying around.