RefuSHE Yvette Bougainvillea Scarf

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This scarf's diverse colour scheme reminds us of the Bougainvillea plant, a beautiful, evergreen summer bloomer!

Designed in conjunction with our limited edition dip-dye collection, our Fall/Winter 2021 Collection is inspired by the array of colours we see on the sleepy Swahili coast. Experience the diverse wildlife and warmth of Nairobi's setting sun through this colourful collection.

Impact: Your purchase contributes directly to the wages of each woman—100% of proceeds are reinvested into the young refugee women in RefuSHE's Artisan Collective. All fabric is hand-dyed using a traditional African dyeing technique called resist dyeing. Because every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, the pattern or colour may vary slightly from the photos here. Each product comes with a tag with the name and country of origin of one of our artisans, as well as the story of the collective. 

Dimensions:  Wrap - 32" x 88"

Fabric: Cotton/rayon blend that's incredibly soft – seriously, we've been told it too many times to count. 

Caring for your scarf: RefuSHE scarves will not lose colour. You can wash by hand or machine and hang dry. Refresh the scarf by ironing or steaming.