Suck on that Straws

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Suck On That aims to reduce the use of plastic straws by providing a sustainable, affordable and 100% natural alternative.

Bamboo straws are the most sustainable straw option available: they are reusable, 100% natural, biodegradable and don’t require a high energy process to make. Paper straws require deforestation and metal straws require a huge amount of energy to create and lead to devastated quarried landscapes.

It starts in rural Cambodia, where our bamboo is sustainably grown in a rural village. We operate in remote areas to provide jobs to less privileged communities in order to stimulate a better quality of life for the villagers.

Our straws are handcrafted by Khmer villagers, creating employment opportunities for disadvantaged Cambodian communities. We are passionate about supporting Cambodian villagers through fair employment and ensuring a safe working environment.

The pack comes with:

  • 4 Small Straws
  • 2 Medium
  • 4 Large
  • 2 Straw Cleaners