SOAP-n-SCENT - Ylang Ylang Grapefruit

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 Our moisturizing cleansing bars are formulated with pure essential oils and natural colors.

 We consider it immoral to kill an animal for a bar of soap. So we make our soaps with pure vegetable oils that do not clog skin pores unlike animal fats.

 Our basic soap recipe starts with rice bran oil, an excellent moisturizer. Then we select palm oil containing a high percentage of oleic. This makes the soap a superior conditioning and cleansing bar. Next, we put in palm kernel and coconut oils to provide even more moisture and give a rich, fluffy lather. Finally, we add olive oil as an emollient to produce the ultimate,deep moisturizing effect.

 Every bar of soap contains natural glycerin, a by-product of our homemade process. This natural glycerin helps improve your skin's moisture balance by attracting external moisture and holding the moisture on your skin, without interfering with the skin's natural functions. We select only the purest essential oils that not only benefit your skin, but also enhance your spirit through aromatherapy.
Choose from over fifty scents and designs. Each unique bar is handmade and hand-cut under careful quality control.