No More Tigers - Mary Rayner

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“When I was eight, I walked out of Burma…”

So begins bestselling children’s author Mary Rayner’s memoir, a beautifully written and deeply moving account of a family who for several generations lived in Colonial Burma, and of what happened to them when World War 2 shattered their lives. Featuring dozens of original photographs that capture the people and places that were once part of the British Empire, plus the heart-breaking love letters from a husband and wife torn apart by war, No More Tigers is a searingly intelligent and self-aware look at a bygone era.

It’s a quest for understanding, for home, for answers. Packed so full of detail it carries you away to a different time and place, it’s laugh-aloud funny, yet isn’t afraid to ask uncomfortable questions about how we used to live.

No More Tigers is published by Sarah’s imprint, Creative Pumpkin Publishing, and is available in paperback now.