Sahel Design Bamba Bag in Indigo Blue

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In Fulfulde there are several verbs meaning to carry. It may be across the shoulders, on the head or in your arms. If it’s on your back, like a woman carries her baby, the verb is bambude. That’s where SAHEL got the name BAMBA from, for their backpack style bag.

Except it’s not just a backpack. Pull the long reins straps up straight and it’s a shoulder bag. It has a drawstring tassel rope fastening too, all handwoven by our traditional reinsmakers in Burkina Faso.






All SAHEL bags and accessories employ the unique Fulani skill, evoking equine elegance and strength. SAHEL straps and tassels are mostly made using naturally tanned goat leather from Burkina Faso. The bags themselves are either made by a local Burkinabe leatherworker, or are produced in Devon, England using sustainably sourced cow leather and suede. These are bi products of the food industry which are processed, and effluents are disposed of in an environmentally friendly method.


BAMBA is the ideal year-round companion: light and very versatile whether you are heading for the city or beach. It comes in black too!