A sneak peak

Now that the sun’s out our vibrant African print summer dresses and beaded flip flops are flying out the door. Here’s a peek at the amazing work being done behind these must-have summer dresses, flip flops & our gorgeous Shika jewellery.

Based in Arusha, Tanzania, Shika runs educational sponsorship programmes providing access to schooling, vocational training and trade for some of Tanzania’s most marginalized communities. Shika products are created through dialogue with local artisans and seamstresses who are paid a living wage enabling them to pay for necessities such as food, basic healthcare and education for themselves and their families. In addition, their communities benefit from Shika sponsorship programmes which are funded through the sale of their beautiful dresses, flip flops & jewellery.

Our final delivery of the season is arriving towards the end of June so make sure you pop in to grab these unique summer staples before they’re all gone.

Click here to find out more about becoming a sponsor.

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