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Launching Oh So Shika’s NEW Collection

Our clothes tell a story…. from the disadvantaged women who take pride in producing beautiful garments as a means of providing for their families.  To the unique fabrics which have been thoughtfully sourced in Africa.  To the statement you make when you wear oh so shika.  To the vulnerable young people who are given a real chance to change their lives through education thanks to profits generated by oh so Shika garments.  Passionate about .

Responsibility in the supply chain

Responsibility in the Supply Chain In light of the recent Bangladesh garment factory collapse, FAIR’s team members will be posting about some of their thoughts here on our blog over the next few weeks. This week Amelia Glynn shares some of her thoughts on responsibility in the garment industry:  ____________________________________________________________ The recent collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh producing Primark, Mango and Matalan clothing amongst other brands has brought some much needed media .